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Vegas Was The Plan - Rochelle + Matt

Rochelle + Matt had a Vegas-wedding-plan all along. In Rochelle's words below, she explains all of her wedding vendors and how great everyone was here in Vegas. All of us in the wedding industry are very happy to hear their positive testimonies! They recited their vows in Las Vegas on: 6/15/2020

In Rochelle's words:

Hello! My name is Rochelle Zepp and my husband, Matt Zepp and I are from Cleveland Ohio! We came to Las Vegas to get married in the middle of the pandemic and we still had the absolute time of our lives! Matt and I have known each other since high school, but we officially became a couple in April of 2014 and got engaged in August of 2014! In between then and now we hit a lot of boulders and rocks in the road, and persevered through everything that was meant to break us. We finally got married this year because we weren’t going to let anything stop us from what we’ve worked so hard for! We spent years planning our perfect Vegas wedding and it was just that! The following are the details of the companies and people we had the pleasure of helping us make our day so memorable:

"We spent years planning our perfect Vegas wedding and it was just that!"

Hair and makeup: Beauty Studio Inc- I can’t say enough good things about these ladies! From the very first time I contacted and booked with them to meeting them and spending the morning getting ready with my bridesmaid and maid of honor they did amazing and we all felt drop dead gorgeous the wholeeeee day! Yes, the whole day and night our hair and makeup stayed and looked flawless. They really are amazing at what they do!

Britt Pierson Photography- wow! Is just all I can say! The photos he caught of us, of our whole group and wedding party just amazing!!! In two hours he photographed us at Bellagio, the welcome to Las Vegas sign, Venetian, and Caesar’s palace! And all of these were absolutely amazing shots! He sent us our edited pictures (almost 200) within 48 hours and was amazing and friendly and an all around great guy to work with!

Chapel of the Flowers- we got married in the La Capella chapel at chapel of the flowers and it was beautiful, intimate, and perfect for the wedding we dreamed of! They have so many options to fit anyone’s needs and wants at an affordable price! What I loved is all the accommodations they offer to fit anyone’s budget. The personal wedding planner, the day before meeting with the planner, the day of coordinator, the music, everything was perfect and such a huge stress reliever. The minister made us feel so welcome and felt like we had known her forever.

El Segundo Sol- we had our reception at this restaurant and one word truly describes it- AMAZING! They were great to work with last minute, as our plans had changed. And we are glad they did because there wasn’t one unhappy person with what was served! I promise you won’t be disappointed and it is absolutely delicious food!

Crown Las Vegas Limo service- the owner is absolutely amazing to work with and so very helpful and accommodating! The limo driver was so nice and made us all feel so comfortable. They are affordable, their limo bus was clean and up to date and wonderful for all ages!

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