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Many will be surprised that I started a magazine-blog. I don’t like to read or write; both are too time consuming. I like to be on the go. However, I do love people. I love learning about them. Their careers, travels, family. There is so much excitement on how the person came to be. I apologize in advance for any grammar or writing errors. (I can hear my daughter in my ear now..."STOP with the run-on sentences")

I hope to jot down some interesting and fun snippets of the featured people’s lives and make for an interesting quick read, that’s what I’m all about! If you are old enough to remember Reader's Digest, this is my version. (is that still around?) This magazine will be about interesting people whom I’ve met through my life or people who have come to me with an interesting story. I’ll be featuring Sports Figures, Entertainers, Business Owners, Products, Influencers and everyday people from the Las Vegas area. Some that come here on occasion but most that call this town their home. I’ll start by talking a little about who I am and why I'm doing this. (I hate this part) I am a Mom of two amazing adult children who both live in different states. I also have 3 Great Danes. All 5 are the love of my life. (the reader's digest version) I started my career as a Flight Attendant in 1991 and this allowed me to have conversations with people from around the globe. I learned not only to never judge a book by it’s cover, but when you have a conversation with someone you really get to know a lot. I've talked to people who think that everyone who is sitting on a plane is going on vacation. Definitely not the case. I’ve met people who are moving after a divorce, grieving after a death and on their way to a funeral, relocating for the Military, CEO's who penned a deal of their lifetime and so many other reasons.

When traveling, every state is different, I often thought that there really IS a line that separates the states. Each is so different that when you cross the border things are remarkably changed. The stores have different names, even though it’s the same corporation, people have different views and can be very nice in one state and when you cross that state-line, things change. Why is that I often wonder? When you “say” you are from one state, I think your mind tells you that you are better than some, or another state, less fortunate than others. The world has many similarities yet it’s so different. Food for example is one thing that can shape a country. Some places eat things that we here in the United States wouldn’t even think of putting in our mouths! (gross) but they are a delicacy in other places. Fast forward to 2010. (I know, I'm jumping from subject to subject, see? I don't write) I started a second career in Photography. I traveled to so many interesting places and they stuck in my head, but that was it… just memories. I love architecture and would take photos of the buildings on my trips, but most of all I love to see people laugh and smile. So, I started shooting people, weddings, kids and families. It gave me great satisfaction to see people smiling. Weddings are the best! A party a minute, however stressful as a photographer.

In 2016 I began designing and planning yet another career. I decided that the Wedding industry was a very lucrative business. To the tune of $2.5 billion... that’s BILLION with a B. And nearly 72,000 couples got married in Las Vegas in 2019. So I said, why don’t I build an amazing wedding chapel and grab some of that revenue. I'm already a photographer, so thats a job that fits into the mix. I hired an architect, we collaborated, designed and my architects came up with an AMAZING design. So, I did a lot of research to find a lender and investor. The only issue was money. Imagine that. I did manage to find a group of investors and emptied out my entire life savings. Still couldn’t get a loan to build a ground-up property. Then the Ranch came along for sale. A beautiful 30-acre pristine horse ranch to the tune of $1.1 million. Ouch, that took a lot out of me, but I bought it, furnished it with gobs of wedding stuff, booked weddings, named it “The Pink Chapel Estate”, contacted my investor and…

…yep, no-go (I’m making a very long story short) So I tried to do it all on my own, with no input from others and I finally just couldn’t get it running at full-throttle on my own. I had to throw in the towel. It was fun while it lasted, I made a little money on the sale, so at least I felt good for a minute. Now I am retired. Yes, from Flight Attendant, Chapel and Photography… so along comes this magazine. I’m bored, okay? Humor me! I hope that you will continue to read my other stories from real interesting peoples lives. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! Please share (link at the very top) and comment below!

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