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Vegas' Best Santa Claus - Santa Joe + Mrs. Claus

I traveled to the North Pole (actually, pretty far South) this month to visit a very special couple. When I first met Santa Joe and his wife Mrs. Claus, they (and their adorable dog Baily, who even dressed for the occasion) greeted me like I was a celebrity in their home. They were accommodating, joyful and just as you would expect Mr. and Mrs. Claus to be. Santa's workshop was organized and the little Elves were in high gear, getting all of the toys ready for Santa to deliver on Christmas Eve!

I took some photos and talked about how Santa came to be, why they picked Vegas and even visited Santa's Man-Cave. They really do the Christmas theme well. They have a really cute, creative chair for Santa, a colorful mailbox and of course a bag full of toys. It was a fun hour with both of them. Mrs. Claus is sweet as can be and Santa has the perfect natural beard, hair and ho ho ho laughter down to perfection. It just makes you want to smile. I can't wait for Christmas to come!

The Story, In Santa Joe's words:

I lost my Father at a young age and I figured out that life goes on and to make the most of your life. Keep pushing forward, things will always work out.

My wife Malinda and I moved here 6 years ago from Philadelphia. We have 6 children together and 9 grandchildren that live back east. We moved to Las Vegas for retirement, but I’m still working everyday. We enjoy the Las Vegas life and have met some great people, we enjoy the nightlife, dinner, shows and the weather of course.

Mrs. Claus (Malinda) had her own business back in Pennsylvania for 40 years and now she is the best wife and partner a guy could ever have.

"It all started when a company that I was selling print to, asked me to be Santa"

I went to trade school at age 14 for printing and have been in the printing business for 50 years now. I'm working at RR Donnelley in Las Vegas. Trying to be of some help and use my experience from over the years.

I'm a big sports guy. I played Fastpitch Softball for 30 years traveling the country. Very intense, but tons of fun. I Played hockey for 40 years, traveled on the east coast and played in many games. Santa enjoys the game and loves the Las Vegas Golden Knights.

My wife and I have been doing Santa and Mrs. Claus for 20 years and enjoy the new events, people and excitement of it every year. We will keep it going for as long as we can. It all started when a company that I was selling print to, asked me to be Santa because they lost 200 employees during 911 tragedy. They wanted to donate the money they normally spent on the Christmas party to the victims. In past years, they would go to a resort for the Christmas party. I have been Santa ever since and have plenty of heartwarming stories...

Retirement will come one day, but as long as I feel I can help, I’ll hang in there and will keep Santa going for many years. You just can’t jump off the moving Santa train... HO HO HO!

Okey dokey.. and here come the quirky 90-questions [smile]

STACY: How long have you lived in the Las Vegas area?

Santa Joe: 6 years

STACY: Are you Married?

Santa Joe: Yes, to Mrs. Claus (Malinda)

STACY: Do you have any Kids? Ages?

Santa Joe: 6 Kids (all older) and 9 Grandkids

STACY: Do you have any other homes? where?

Santa Joe: Yes, Philadelphia

STACY: Where did you grow up?

Santa Joe: Philadelphia

STACY: What brought you to Las Vegas?

Santa Joe: Fun and sunshine

STACY: Do you have any pets? What?

Santa Joe: Yes, a Dog named Bailey

STACY: Are you a business owner?

Santa Joe: Yes Santa

STACY: Do you work?

Santa Joe: Yes, at RRD Printing

STACY: Any hobbies?

Santa Joe: Golf and working around the house [should have gotten some photos of Santa Golfing!]

STACY: Something we not many know about you?

Santa Joe: I do Commercials

STACY: Favorite Food? Favorite Restaurant?

Santa Joe: Pizza / French Fries / Hash House [I guess that's how Santa gets his bowl full of jelly]

STACY: Favorite Cocktail?

Santa Joe: Ice Cold Beer [Now THAT'S what I'm talkin' about!]

STACY: Sports Team?

Santa Joe: Las Vegas Knights

STACY: Favorite Car?

Santa Joe: One that is running [ha ha ha.. hey Santa, you've always got Rudolph!]

STACY: Who is your mentor?

Santa Joe: My Mom [love this answer!]

STACY: If you had a super power what would it be?

Santa Joe: Bringing smiles to kids [aww Santa IS a softie!]

STACY: Best Job Ever?

Santa Joe: Santa Claus [I concur]

STACY: What was the last gift you gave someone?

Santa Joe: Flowers to my wife

STACY: If you won a $10 million dollar Wheel of Fortune Jackpot, what would you do with the money?

Santa Joe: Spread the wealth [you've got my name and number]

STACY: What do you wear to bed?

Santa Joe: Nothing [oooh Santa!]

STACY: What is one thing on your Bucket List?

Santa Joe: Playing the Banjo

STACY: Toilet paper over or under?

Santa Joe: Under

STACY: Have you ever been arrested?

Santa Joe: No [thank God!]

STACY: Can you make your armpit fart?

Santa Joe: Yes [my hero]

STACY: Do you speak another language?

Santa Joe: No

STACY: What is the weirdest thing you ever wore?

Santa Joe: Santa Shirt [ha ha ha]

STACY: If I looked in your refrigerator, what would I find?

Santa Joe: Milk and cookies [dah... after all, this IS Santa!]

STACY: If you were offered to be on a reality show which one would you choose?

Santa Joe: Dancing with the stars [I'd watch]

STACY: How many pairs of shoes do you own?

Santa Joe: 50 [geez Santa!]

Additional notes:

Santa was part of Glittering Lights at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Santa At Circus Circus Adventuredome and the Las Vegas Hospitality Association (LVHA )

Contact Santa Joe and Mrs. Clause for personal appearances.

Available for:

  • Home Parties

  • Corporate Events

  • TV Appearances and Films

  • Grand Openings and more

  • Santa Joe & Mrs. Claus will Travel

  • VIRTURAL LIVE Santa video calls too!

CALL SANTA JOE: 702-344-3306

Visit his website for more photos and information!


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