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Sweet and Spicy - The Olive Branch - Scott Wurth

Scott Wurth, owner of two unique businesses at Container Park in Downtown Las Vegas

Through many emails, text messages and phone calls, I was finally able to at least virtually meet Scott! What I've taken away from these meetups is that he's always upbeat, obviously very patient and has an amazing entrepreneurial work-work-work mindset! I'm so happy to finally be featuring him and his, not one, but TWO truly awesome businesses in Las Vegas.


Scott: "Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, I relocated to Elko, Nevada when I was six years old. While growing up, I spent most of my childhood fishing and playing soccer, but dedicated most of my time to the game of golf, sneaking out of school early to play!

I followed that passion to pursue a professional golf career, which took me to cities including Las Cruces, Boise, Reno and eventually to Las Vegas."

Taking golf to a different fairway (different direction for all of you non-golfers)

"After spending some time in the golf business, I wanted to do something different and thought about working for myself. Not knowing exactly what direction to go, I worked MANY different jobs while seeking opportunities, and that's when I discovered Container Park in downtown Las Vegas. The small and elegant retail spaces presented a variety of options for me. Knowing the park and what if had to offer, I decided to open a candy store, I named it Sugar Shop. Our focus is on a great selection of candies and products for children, but adults as well, because we also carry a unique section of candies with the nostalgic brand names, flavors and memories that we grew up with. I like to think of the shop as a vintage candy store with a modern twist."

Dogleg left, yet another direction (more golf-speak)

"After owning Sugar Shop for 2 years, I was looking to expand, but not into the candy business. I wanted to go into a different direction, in fact, the complete opposite of candy. I decided to branch out to olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I love to cook and my girlfriend Sabreena and I are always looking to try new things. We love coming up with our own creations. This is what lead me down the path of opening an olive oil tasting room. I named it The Olive Branch. Also located in Container Park, it's directly across from Sugar Shop. We opened in September of 2021, and we offer over 30 olive oils and balsamic vinegars, imported from Tunisia and Italy."

Schedule your Taste of Italy

"We hold private tasting parties in the store on a weekly basis, closing the store to the public. We enhance the party experience by setting up charcuterie boards so the group can have a more intimate experience, while sampling all of our unique tastes that we have to offer. We also allow the group to shop around the rest of our store, discovering our unique products that they probably haven't seen anywhere else before."

See something special? A gift? Scott can ship it for you!

"In addition to all of our oils and vinegars, we have many other products to spice up your kitchen! We carry salsas, spices, rubs, hot sauces, barbecue sauces, infused salts, jams and peanut butters. Not to mention some great unique gifts such as fun candles, mugs, creative signs, wine glasses, dish towels and great olive oil box sets." Don't forget that the Holiday's are right around the corner! (that last sentence was thrown in by Vegas Life Magazine... hey, why not give him a plug?!)

And the often imitated but never duplicated.... 20+ questions:

QUESTION: How long in the LV area?

SCOTT: I moved here in 2004, so just under 20 years

QUESTION: Married?


QUESTION: Kids? Ages?


QUESTION: Other homes/where?

SCOTT: Just here in Vegas

QUESTION: Where you grew up?

SCOTT: I grew up in Elko, NV

QUESTION: College/School? Picture?

SCOTT: Boise State University

QUESTION: What brought you here?

SCOTT: I moved here to pursue a career in golf

QUESTION: Pets? What?

SCOTT: Unfortunately, I work too much to have a dog

QUESTION: Business owner?

SCOTT: Yes, 2 businesses located in Container Park

QUESTION: Hobbies?

SCOTT: Golf would be my number one hobby, although I don’t have enough time to golf as much as I would like, second, I love to cook!

QUESTION: Favorite Food? Weirdest you ever ate? Favorite Restaurant?

SCOTT: My favorite food would be Thai or Italian, no question! My favorite place in the Vegas area would be Bootlegger for Italian and Le Thai for Thai

QUESTION: Favorite Cocktail?

SCOTT: Old Fashioned

QUESTION: Sports Team?

SCOTT: I don’t have a team, but I do keep an eye on Boise State from time to time.

QUESTION: Favorite Car?

SCOTT: Toyota Tacoma

QUESTION: Who is your mentor?

SCOTT: I don’t have a particular mentor, but I do have a few friends who are also business owners that I bounce ideas off of.

QUESTION: Who is your super hero? Who do you look up to?

SCOTT: As a boy I always watched and idolized Superman

QUESTION: Best Job Ever?

SCOTT: The best job I’ve ever had, besides being a business owner, was working at the golf course as a kid, parking and cleaning the golf carts

QUESTION: What was the last gift you gave someone?


QUESTION: If you won a $10 million dollar Wheel of Fortune Jackpot, what would you do with the money?

SCOTT: Invest in my future, as well as put some college funds aside for any family members.

QUESTION: If you had to pick the next implosion of a casino, which one would you pick? Why?

SCOTT: That’s a tough one, maybe Circus Circus, it’s one of the older casinos on the strip now.

QUESTION: What is one thing on your Bucket List?

SCOTT: Attending the Masters golf tournament

QUESTION: Do you speak another language?


QUESTION: If I looked in your refrigerator, what would I find?

SCOTT: Different hot sauces, BBQ sauce, unique condiments, and of course, something that is well past its expiration date!

QUESTION: If you were offered to be on a reality show which one would you choose?

SCOTT: I don’t think I could choose one, however, I would definitely like one of my business features on one of them!

QUESTION: How many pairs of shoes do you own?

SCOTT: Probably about 8


The Olive Branch

Located in Container Park 707 East Fremont Street Unit 1080

Las Vegas, NV 89101

phone: 208-871-0317

Instagram: @theolivebranchlasvegas



Sugar Shop

Located in Container Park

707 East Fremont Street Unit 1290

Las Vegas, NV 89101

phone: 208-871-0317

Instagram: @sugarshoplasvegas


Instagram: @chermaine_chiles

facebook: Chermaine Chiles Visuals

Vegas Life Magazine


fb: Vegas Life Magazine

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