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Planned First Vegas Trip for The Wedding - Ramon + Tara


When I first met Ramon and Tara, I immediately liked them. I met them at our shoot location after they tied the knot at Chapel of the Flowers. The couple and their family arrived in style in an extra-long silver Cadillac SUV limousine. Ramon climbed out, glass of champagne in hand, he immediately started up a conversation about the backdrop of our location, he loved the mountains. He pulled out his phone and started to take photos and started a Facetime conversation with on of his children. Tara was absolutely beautiful, once she wiggled out of the limo, I could fully see her wedding dress. It was gorgeous white lace. A fit-and-flair, trumpet-style with drop-shoulders and a classy, sexy sheer back with covered buttons all the way down. Her headpiece and necklace were like diamonds shining in the sunlight. I also noticed her dope shoes! They were handmade by her maid-of-honor. It took her months to make them and thousands of crystals all hand applied. Then she hand-appliqued the customized Mrs. Hawkins and the date on them which made these unique creations so special. (see photos below)

I then meet the rest of the family as everyone climbed out of the limo. During the the photoshoot, Ramon was still excited about the location and how he said he'd never forget the beautiful mountains. When we started to shoot the family's group photos, you could see the love between everyone and everyone was having so much fun! (me too). Tara and I talked about how she and Ramon met.

Ramon knew of Tara through a mutual friend that hinted that they would be a nice match. Ramon searched and found Tara on Facebook and sent her a friend request. His friend request went unanswered for a couple of months until one day Tara decided to investigate his profile. She noticed that Ramon had a Lawn Care business and they also had a mutual friend. As she scrolled through his page she liked what she saw. Tara felt that it was time to come out of her bubble and take a chance. She accepted Ramon's friend request. Once she did, he started to like and love her post pictures, status and other posts on her profile. He made himself well-known to her.

On April 30th, 2017 Ramon "waved" to Tara and the next day he sent a message "Hey how are you doing this morning gorgeous!" They briefly sent messages back and forth through messenger. Tara asked about his lawn care business and messaged that if she needed any services she would definitely reach out. Ramon took that as her not being that interested. He did not message her back for about a week. Finally he felt that he should give it another shot. From then on they talked everyday. This was the start of their relationship. They learned that they had a lot of things in common and their love of children was one of them. Ramon has five children and Tara has three. As the relationship started to get pretty serious, they decided that their children should meet. It didn't take long for the children to form a very close bond. After three and a half years Ramon felt it was time to make Tara his wife and bring their families together. Ramon proposed on Christmas day December 25, 2019 and of course Tara said "Yes!"

Once they settled on a date they began the tedious planning process. Before they even started thinking about a place to get married during Covid, they put some feelers out to their friends for suggestions on locations, venues, out of town locations and so on. Tara said that a couple of years ago, a friend of Ramon's went to Las Vegas to get married. He suggested that they should check it out. Neither Tara or Ramon had ever been to Las Vegas so they thought it would be adventurous to check it out. They started to look online at different places. Searching for different chapels, hotels and venues, they found a plethora of locations and options.

As they continued their online search they came across Chapel of the Flowers. They thumbed through all of the photos and really liked what they saw. Tara said, "The different chapels were gorgeous and they were also having a special on their packages, which of course sealed the deal"!

Tara and Ramon were married on February 21, 2021



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