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Off the Vegas Strip Club Wedding - Amanda + Tommy

I bet that title caught you off guard, huh? When Amanda sent me the highlights of her and Tommy's interests, that’s what stood out most to me. I was just as curious as you probably are. Nothin' wrong with it, I think we all enjoy a little dancing now and then... am I right? Tommy and Amanda just enjoy it together. Well, not dancing, but watching the a Strip Club. Now I get why it has been a life-long dream for Amanda to come to Vegas to get married. Read on and you'll see that these two actually have lots of great things in common. Hence the reason for this rad marriage in the first place!

“every little girl dreams of her big fairytale wedding”

The cliché that “every little girl dreams of her big fairytale wedding”, just isn’t going to

planning a wedding in 2 months, the adventure of a lifetime together was just beginning. Tommy knew what it meant to Amanda to have the wedding of her dreams, so he planned it all out for her. He even remembered her love for pink flamingos, so of course they stayed at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino.

"weekend getaways to new places and even visiting strip clubs"

Amanda and Tommy started dating in 2019 after a mutual friend set them up. They quickly realized their shared love of adventure and exploration. Dates were never dull or boring, with weekend getaways to new places and even visiting strip clubs together! Separately they’re hard working and independent people, but together they’re tough as nails and fiercely loyal. As they grew their bond, they made sure to include Amanda’s three boys every step of the way. Tommy quickly took to teaching the boys to hunt, fish, and even ride dirt bikes.

"protect their love and their family"

The wedding day of this couple was uniquely their own. Amanda rented her bouquet, Tommy found all of the vendors online and even managed to find a photographer to capture Amanda’s outgoing personality and convinced Tommy to come out from under his baseball hat. Not one’s for anything too traditional or overly romantic, Amanda wore a sleeveless dress that showed off her beautiful tattooed arms and Tommy traded his camo for a vest and tie. Only a few close friends and family knew what Amanda and Tommy were up to when they jetted off to Las Vegas to elope, and that’s just how they wanted it. All they have ever strived to do is protect their love and their family and this wedding solidified their connection and truly made their family whole.


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