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Hot + Spicy + Talented - Anna Dangerous

ANNA DANGEROUS. That says it all, she is amazing. Strong as hell, smart as a whip (we'll get into that later) has amazing and I mean amazing talents and it's all graciously packed in a small framed soft spoken attractive body. Anna Saranina. She's dangerous.

"her husband would throw knives at her and use a whip to snap roses out of her mouth"

Prior to Anna starting up her own Vegas-style heart-pounding daring and precision shooting show, she was performing as the person on the receiving end of the duo performance of Deadly Games, (see videos below) her ex-husband is a knife throwing performer and she was the beautiful trusting model on the receiving end of many sharp objects while spinning wildly on a turnstile wheel, yes, her husband would throw REAL knives, (some in afire) at her and use a whip to snap roses out of her mouth and much more. Many people would ask her how you trust someone who throws sharp objects at you that could kill you? She answered by saying when he first asked me to be his assistant, she told him she would only trust him if he threw the knife at the same target 100 times and was successful. Obviously, he did. After performing together, they went on to marry and have a baby girl. They are since divorced but they are still friends and neighbors, both living in Las Vegas.

"…America’s Got Talent Champions Round where they received the “GOLDEN BUZZER”

Anna and her then husband duo performed several times with the act Deadly Games on America’s Got Talent and went on to the Champions Round where they received the “GOLDEN BUZZER” from Judge Heidi Klum. After divorcing her husband, Anna went on to continue her love of the excitement of the danger of whips and arrows. She decided to pick up a crossbow and test her skills.

She shocked her trainer. She was immediately precise in her aim. She now continues to expand her craft with not only the crossbow but whips, including flaming whips into the mix. Her trainer, Chris McDaniel, located in Branson Missouri holds multiple Guinness Book of World Records for his whips, she trained with him for a couple of months and he told her “Anna, you’ve got this”. On her first day, she already cut the paper with the arrow (see video) and already shot a rose. He said, “you’re a Devil.” (in a good way of course) He joked and told her to get out of his house because now she was his biggest competition.

"She endured a, what should have been career-ending back injury"

She has great coordination, she was a professional ballet dancer. So obviously the coordination and strength is there within her. She hasn’t danced in about 15 years, but she’s still got it. She endured a, what should have been career-ending back injury, she has an artificial disk and a later broke her ankle. She was told by the doctors that she needed 12 weeks to recover from her back surgery but she needed to perform for AGT so she pushed her recovery and ended up doing the show within 4 weeks of recovering. Before another AGT show, she had broken her ankle, same thing, she needed to rest and recover. Nope not Anna, she pushed herself to heal and was able to walk on stage and win!

Anna has taken her new found talents and is starting her own on-stage DAZZLING DARING and EXCITING SHOW! ALL WOMEN (and all hot sexy women at that! Hey, it’s Vegas after all!)

She has already recruited one of her friends Emily England, who performs with the Las Vegas show Absinthe. She is really daring, Anna adds, “I told her that I was just a beginner” and she said, “Anna, you can do this I trust you”. Anna said that she even surprised herself on how talented she found herself! She mentioned that she loves to be on stage, she loves to make people gasp and become intrigued at her performance. Especially because of her size. She is barely 5’5” but let me tell you, she is super strong. She even had to shop for a specific crossbow and had to have it made specially for her because of her petite stature.

"...she designs and creates all of her costumes!"

This woman is so talented. Not only is she a beautiful on-stage thrill performer but she's a mom, a sharp-shooting daring crossbow performer, thrilling whip performer and costume designer. Yes, she designs and creates all of her costumes! The outfit on the cover? Yep, she created it.

If you are out and about in Las Vegas perhaps taking your child to the park you may run into her. She added, "I need to practice my whips and I need a big space. I have my daughter, so now I take her to the park to play, when she is playing, I practice. More and more moms have been seeing me, they ask if it’s okay to watch I say, sure but just watch your kids. [insert terrified screaming emoji here] So now, every day I have mom’s meeting me at the park to watch me practice". I like it, it makes me feel like a have a small audience.

"...Vegas performers are still not working. She keeps positive..."

Anna is keeping herself busy with relentless practicing, promotional photoshoots and being a mommy to her 7 year old daughter. She is meeting a lot of influential people in Las Vegas who support her and are helping her to reach the top. She says that it's so important that you keep positive people around you. You know your friends. Those are the people who are there for you through the good times and the bad times. Thanks to Scott Polek who has been working to promote Anna and get her to her goal of performing with her own headline show. She is aware that it's an uphill battle with the pandemic. She mentions that so many people are back to work but performers are still not working. She is keeping positive and is excited to bring to stage her never before seen amazing talents and show-stopping performances. She is working on so many new acts behind the scenes that she is keeping secret until her show goes live.

She will wow you, she will keep you on the edge of your seat, and she will have you asking for more. Keep an eye out for this firecracker! She's coming to a stage near you! Follow her on social media, her links are below the photo gallery.

The infamous "20-questions"

STACY: How long have you lived in the Las Vegas area?

ANNA: I lived in Las Vegas since 2016

STACY: Are you Married?

ANNA: I’m not married

STACY: Do you have any Kids? If so, what are their Ages?

ANNA: I have a daughter; she is 7 years old

STACY: Tell me a little bit about where you grew up?

ANNA: I grew up in a small city in Russia close to Siberia, it’s called Perm

STACY: Did you attend College?

ANNA: I finished Academy of Arts and Culture in Russia, also Choreographer and Ballet Teacher.

STACY: What brought you to Las Vegas?

ANNA: I came to Vegas because of America’s Got Talent in 2016, they invited us

STACY: Do you have Pets?

ANNA: I have a Maltipoo. Her name is Mini. Also, we have a lizard-gecko leopard. Her name is Ashia.

STACY: What is your favorite Food?

ANNA: I love sushi. I used to live in Macau for a year and we ate it almost every day. Seafood.

STACY: If you won a $10 million dollar Wheel of Fortune Jackpot, what would you do with the money?

ANNA: I would have cured my Dad. Would buy a house for my parents on the sea and the rest I would have saved it for my daughter’s education. I’d give the rest to charity for Children who need medical care

STACY: What do you wear to bed?

ANNA: I wear penguin pajamas 😊

STACY: Toilet paper over or under?

ANNA: over

STACY: Have you ever been arrested?

ANNA: no

STACY: Can you make your armpit fart?

ANNA: I never tried but I will practice that! 😊

STACY: Do you speak another language?

ANNA: I speak Russian, English and all bad Brazilian words 😊

STACY: If I looked in your refrigerator, what would I find?

ANNA: everything, almost the whole grocery store

STACY: How many pairs of shoes do you own?

ANNA: so many, I never counted. I love shoes

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