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Photos in Vegas, Engaged in Texas - Ehsan + Elisha

Even though Ehsan and Elisha got married and engaged in the Dallas, Texas area, they came to Las Vegas to have On The Rocks Photography do their engagement photos. (and to party like Rockstars of course) Everyone thought that they were celebrities during the photo session. Tourists (before Covid in February) were gawking and taking photos of the photographer photographing the couple, whispering to each other about who they were. Ehsan could resemble James Harden from the Houston Rockets (he stands about 6-feet 8-inches) and Elisha could resemble Khloe Kardashian, hey if you are not best friends with either one... they "could be" someone famous (smile)

On The Rocks Photography was supposed to travel to Dallas in August for the big wedding, but Covid hit and... well, enough about that!

During the session, the photographer kept saying to Ehsan to smile and he kept saying "this is my smile"... both of them said that they were very uncomfortable being in front of the camera, but I'd say that you couldn't tell by the photos. We are happy to feature them on the cover!


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