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Eat, Post, Repeat - Lindsay, the Las Vegas Foodie

When I first met Lindsay for our photoshoot in the parking lot of Shokku Ramen, a VERY HIP place I might add, I was surprised to see how thin she was. I'm not lyin' I was expecting to see someone at least a 'little' overweight. Nope! Plus, she just had a baby! Lindsay is tall, slender and noticeably pretty with long shiny blonde hair. She somehow reminds me of Easter, I know that sounds weird but hear me out. She's affable, demure, has great posture and is soft-spoken. In my mind I can see her home decorated with a lot of pastels and clean whites. Like Easter! Even her teeth are perfectly aligned brigh white, like a row of pre-colored Easter eggs in the carton (see where I got this from now?)

[Hey, I'm a visual person, you should be able to figure that out by how I create my articles. I'm not a writer, I'm a visual artist, keep that in mind when you read this and other stories.] [insert big ol' laughing emoji here]

Lindsay is one of the hardest working individuals I know. Let me remind you that she reviews a restaurant a day. (Monday through Friday) She travels to all corners of the city to find a great spot, consults with the people in charge, orders food, eats, creates videos and photos, posts it all on several social media platforms, responds to posts and direct messages and emails to her over TWO-HUNDRED-EIGHTY-NINE-THOUSAND Instagram followers every day [holy crap, I just looked that up, I think I'm gonna faint] Read more below that I personally found out about through an unexpected source.

AND she's married and has a 4-month-old baby AND has other businesses and social media accounts! See? She is one busy gal!

Lindsay and her husband have lived in Las Vegas for 7 years. She grew up in Valencia, California, a small suburban town outside of Los Angeles. I had mentioned to someone that "no way is she from California, she's way to caring and nice". I mean, not to say that people from Cali aren't helpful and nice... buuuuut... I'm just sayin... Lindsay lived there for most of her life. She traveled a lot with her family and grandmother. Lindsay adds, "I am still very close to my grandma, she lives in Los Angeles." Well, so close that she wrote a short note to me about her granddaughter when she heard about this article.

And it reads:

What can I say about my granddaughter Lindsay, let me count the ways: [I already like this woman] Lindsay is curious and creative. As a child she wanted to learn how to draw. It wasn't like she had a natural drawing ability. She just kept at it until some forms began to happen. She became interested in fonts and learned calligraphy quickly. She learned sign language. Lindsay took joy in "owning” whatever took her interest. [that obviously holds true today]

One reason Lindsay has 300,000 followers (and over 4 million on two tiktok restaurant pieces) [holy crap Lindsay, looks like you were keeping secrets from me] is that she loves what she does. Her delight, enthusiasm and authenticity simply charm her followers into sharing her views and products. People feel included in her life as she shares her family, homelife and challenges. She has a loving reality show [realty show? What the heck Lindsay, thanks for sharing your info, (not) good thing Grandma sent me this note] [I'm laughing out loud] sharing food and restaurants with the world in Las Vegas and beyond. People from other states know about Vegas and might visit someday and in the meantime enjoy following a delightful, adorable young lady explore the world of food. You go Las Vegas Foodie!!

Should I go on????? [no Lindsay's grandmother, you don't need to go on but I'm going to call you for my next story]

Special thanks to: Shokku Ramen for allowing us to take over the dining room for a bit (See their links below and tell them Lindsay sent you)

Read the Q+A to learn a little more about Lindsay. [I told you she was quiet. At least she has conversations with her grandmother]


STACY: How long have you lived in the Las Vegas area?

LINDSAY: 7 years

STACY: Are you Married?

LINDSAY: Yes, I am married

STACY: Do you have any Kids? If so, what are their Ages?

LINDSAY: I have one baby, she is 4 months old and named Quinn!

STACY: Do you own any other homes or properties? where?

LINDSAY: We own one home

STACY: Tell me a little bit about where you grew up? (city, town, neighborhood)

LINDSAY: I grew up in a small suburban town outside of LA, called Valencia or Santa Clarita. I lived there for most of my life before moving here to Las Vegas with my Husband, my then boyfriend.

STACY: Did you attend College? What was the name of your School?

LINDSAY: I went to CSUN (California State University, Northridge) and graduated with a Bachelors in Communication Studies

STACY: Do you have Pets? What? (dog, cat, iguana, pig) names?

LINDSAY: I have one dog named Lola who is 13 and my BFF

STACY: Are you a business owner? What is your business?

LINDSAY: I own Lasvegasfoodie LLC and I am a content creator!

STACY: What do you do for work?

LINDSAY: I help create content, for mostly restaurants, to help build their brand and assist with telling their story. [coulda fooled me, she didn't want to tell her story to ME though]

STACY: Do you have any hobbies?

LINDSAY: I love to draw, exercise, play poker and cook

STACY: Tell me something that people/friends may not know about you? Do you have a weird talent?

LINDSAY: I can play the piano upside down! [I gotta see THIS!]

STACY: What is your favorite Food?

LINDSAY: I love Mexican food. I could eat it every day! I love burritos, tacos, chips and salsa. I also love French Onion soup, a really good wedge (chopped)

STACY: What is your favorite Cocktail?

LINDSAY: Cucumber Stiletto Martini from STK. [I don't even drink and this looks delicious!]

STACY: Who is your favorite Sports Team(s)?


STACY: Tell me a little bit about your life growing up?

LINDSAY: I grew up in a small town and traveled a lot with my family and my grandmother. I am still very close to my grandma, she lives in LA. I have one younger brother who I am so incredibly proud of, he’s such a smarty pants and cool kid. I have always been sort of the “class clown” and have been pranking people as long as I can remember (all in good fun of course!). [<< I did NOT see THIS coming!] I love the beach and the mountains. Fresh air keeps me grounded. Family is my number one and as long as everyone is healthy, the rest is just extra (great quote from Paul Walker, by the way. RIP). I also grew up working in restaurants. I’ve had every job from dishwasher to server to manager!

STACY: Who is your mentor?

LINDSAY: My best friend, Gloria, is my mentor. She was my boss at my old job, turned into my best friend, biggest fan and most adored. I look up to her everyday. She has a moral compass, a heart of gold and is so incredibly smart. She’s also an amazing mother, wife and friend.

STACY: If you had a Super Power, what would it be?

LINDSAY: If I had a super power, it would be to fly of course

STACY: Who is your Super Hero?

LINDSAY: My grandma is a real-life superhero and angel

STACY: What is the best job you ever had?

LINDSAY: What I do now is the best job I’ve ever had. Before this was working for Claim Jumper as a server. I met the best people who I still keep in touch with today.

STACY: What was the last gift you gave someone?

LINDSAY: My last gift to someone was the gift of alcohol :)

STACY: If you won a $10 million dollar Wheel of Fortune Jackpot, what would you do with the money?

LINDSAY: If I won $10M dollars I would buy my mom and dad a house, my brother a house, Casey's (my husband) sister a house and I would take everyone on an all-expense paid trip to Greece on a yacht with a crew and a private chef(s).

STACY: What do you wear to bed?

LINDSAY: I wear an overly seized old t-shirt to bed!

STACY: What is one thing on your Bucket List?

LINDSAY: Climb a glacier in Alaska is on my bucket-list, but before that is to fly first class to Hawaii!

STACY: Toilet paper over or under?

LINDSAY: TP goes over, always

STACY: Can you make your armpit fart?

LINDSAY: I can make my arm pit fart and I know sign language! [hummm I wonder if she performs both of these simultaneously?]

STACY: Do you gamble? What is your game of choice?

LINDSAY: We love to gamble and my favorite game is the Fortune Cup with the horses!

STACY: If I looked in your refrigerator, what would I find?

LINDSAY: If you looked in my fridge you would find beer, wine, pie crusts, spinach, baby formula, Foodie Fits, Perrier, eggs and lots of cheese.

STACY: If you were offered to be on a reality show which one would you choose?

LINDSAY: If I were offered to be on a reality show, I would choose Below Deck! [one of my favorite shows!]

STACY: How many pairs of shoes do you own?

LINDSAY: I own 30 pairs of shoes!

Lindsay Stewart

Las Vegas Foodie

Instagram: @thelasvegasfoodie

TicTok: @thelasvegasfoodie

Amazon Store: Shop Here


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Give them a visit and tell them that Lindsay sent you!

Shokku Ramen

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