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Covid Weddings - The Changed Industry

Many of us who are in the wedding industry have seen an awful lot of changes. We're sure that you have too even if you’re not in the wedding industry. Life has changed and made a terrible turn and it’s almost been an entire year! We know that you, as an engaged couple, have probably had to reschedule your elopement, wedding, or celebration, probably more than once. We can sympathize with you on that. There are many of us here in the Las Vegas area that are happy to help to reschedule, come up with alternate ideas and make your celebration just as amazing as it would be with 200 people or just the two of you!

"We've heard so may heart wrenching stories, one after another, so hard to listen to but yet, we know that you need that support."

We have heard so many stories of elaborate weddings going from over a thousand people to just the immediate family which consists of less than 10. We've heard of big plans for getting married on a private island in the Caribbean, only to have their flights get cancelled. We've heard about the couple who paid a deposit for an amazing venue, only to have them close their doors. We've heard of the couple who lost a close family member to Covid and just couldn't get the excitement of celebrating a wedding, when that special person wasn't there to celebrate with them. We've heard so may heart wrenching stories, one after another, so hard to listen to but yet, we know that you need that support.

All of the vendors in the Las Vegas wedding industry are eager to help you to re-plan or help with your downsized plans for your big day (it STILL IS A BIG DAY!). We have a new trendy term, we call them "micro-weddings" now. Just remember, this is a union between two people. The most important people are the two of you. Of course family and friends are super important and of course you want them to be by your side celebrating as well. You can always schedule a vow renewal/celebration in a year (or two) and make it the biggest celebration ever, with all of your friends and family and just think, you'll have a lot of time to get those plans in order and save up more money to do it!

Many couples have rented an Airbnb and got all of their friends and family on a Zoom call. Everyone was able to watch the celebration and even participate in the couple's toast. Many have live-streamed from a Chapel or a more intimate location like Mt Charleston. There have been many who decided to change from a big indoor church wedding to outdoor nuptials with the chairs spaced six feet apart. There are still many ways to make your wedding plans work, you just have to speak with someone in the industry for some great brainstorming ideas! And we have them!

"At Desert Wedding Magazine, we would love to hear about your story and feature you on our cover"

Couples, please make sure that you contact us and make a comment below. If you are somebody in the wedding industry that is willing to help out a couple, please contact us or make a comment below as well! Things will get better, we feel it already starting to come back. Vegas has so many new exciting things happening! New amazing hotels, new chapels, new convention center addition and always the same great people in the wedding industry who will be there to help you through this.

We feel your pain… We really do… we are in this business because we love LOVE! We love celebrations and an amazing party! We are missing out on our enjoyment as well! We hope that we can help you in any way possible! If you're coming from out of state, we’ll welcome you to Vegas with open arms! (arms outstretched 6 feet away and with a mask on of course LOL)

At Desert Wedding Magazine, we would love to hear about your story, positive or negative (and turned it into a positive) and feature you on our cover! You can submit your wedding photos and story to us and you just might be picked to be our next featured couple! Contact us for the submission form! Go to: under the "contact" page!

We hope that we were able to give you some positive thoughts and connections on our website, by email or here. And again, if there is anything that any of us can do to help, we'd be happy to oblige!


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