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A DIY for a Yes I Do - Amos + Nancy

Amos + Nancy... their story in Nancy's words:

It's quite an interesting story how Amos and I had met. It was a January night in 2012 at a mutual friend's apartment. We were there celebrating a friend's 21st birthday. Amos and I introduced ourselves and went our separate ways. That night our mutual friend - who's birthday we were celebrating - had asked me to be his girlfriend and I spent the rest of the party with him. Not such a romantic way to meet your future husband, right? Don't worry, it gets better.

Amos and I continued to be friends and often saw each other at get-togethers and parties over the years that I was dating his friend. Sooner than later, that relationship that I was in became rocky and was on and off. I needed advice. Who better to go to than someone who knew both of us and wouldn't be biased? Amos. For about two years, Amos and I would hang out and we'd give each other relationship advice. Before we knew it, we had a close bond and really enjoyed spending time together.

"For about two years, Amos and I would hang out and we'd give each other relationship advice".

In 2015, my relationship ended and I told Amos. I still remember his words to this day "Are you sure it's over this time?" I explained how over it I was and he said "Good. I'm proud of you. Now, let me take you on a date and show you how you're supposed to be treated". I had later found out that he had patiently waited for years to ask me out - I was shocked. He was so good at hiding the fact that he was interested. He was always neutral with his advice - even encouraging me to make my last relationship work. [no my dear, he was not patient, he was respectful because you were dating someone...damn you’ve got a good man!]

We went on our first "official" date December 1st, 2015. I was worried because I didn't want to lose such a great friend if it didn't work out but it didn't take long for me to realize that it was going to work out. We had (almost) 4 amazing years together before he proposed. He had it planned for a while - he took me to my hometown in New Jersey to visit the places I grew up in which included visiting some of my family, a Yankee game, etc. He's known that I grew up spending a lot of time at Point Pleasant Beach with my family. We spent the day there and ate all my favorite boardwalk food, played games, spent time on the beach - I felt like a kid again, I was beyond nostalgic! Then at sunset, he proposed. It was just us at my favorite place in the world.

"he took me to my hometown in New Jersey to visit the places I grew up in"

Fast forward a few months later and we found ourselves planning a wedding in a global pandemic. We had already booked almost everything but with months of thought, we decided to postpone since we knew so many family members and friends wouldn't be comfortable attending.

So back to the drawing board. We decided on a micro-wedding in our backyard on our original wedding date (12/5/20). The plan was to spend as little as possible since we already put money into our postponed wedding. We only hosted our immediate family and our best friends (total of 10) so we didn't plan on anything over the top.

"our biggest DIY project was our arch"

We just wanted to decorate our patio space with our original colors and throw in some Christmas cheer. Almost everything was DIY. Our best friend Drew had teamed up with us to make it happen. We painted our patio to look nice and fresh. Drew and Amos bought cheap bed sheets to use as draping around the patio. Amos even made the white hair flowers I wore! Our biggest DIY project was our arch. The guys gathered scrap wood and had measured, shaped, burnt, and painted the wood. We then decorated it with green garland, holly, and poinsettias. It turned out beautiful! The biggest expense we had were the red rose garland and fairy lights that we hung up. We were also grateful to have Amos' friend as our officiant and my friend as our photographer.

While our mini-ceremony was nothing what we were originally expecting due to Covid, it was very special. Sometimes you have to roll with the punches, even our honeymoon changed last minute. We were unable to fly to Japan, which was our original plan. But we were lucky enough to have our honeymoon in Maui as they lifted travel-restrictions right before our wedding!

A special thank you to Mustang Sally's Diner for allowing us to create the cover photo! (and other photos below)

Please visit them for breakfast or lunch! Tell Ali and Amy that Vegas Wedding Magazine sent you!...ooooh so good!!!

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