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Brooke + Robbie - Dumont Dunes Engagement

Amazing engagement photos from On The Rocks Photography. A long drive to an epic spot in California. Well worth it. They had to use a 4x4 RZR to get to most of the spots.

"snakes, bats, coyote... despite all that, an epic location"

The long 2 hour journey from Las Vegas, through Pahrump, to the desolate roads of Death Valley you will eventually come upon the entrance to the Dumont Dunes. Weekends are crazy but during the week, you'll have the place all to yourself. The road is rough and long from the paved entrance. Don't stay too late, because the nightlife sucks...literally.. bats, snakes, coyote, mountain lions and who knows what else is lurking in the caverns. Plan on a windy day too (hence sand dunes creation). All and all, an epic location!


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